Miracle solution of elevator shoes

    Becoming taller is a dream accesible to everybody.

    For various reasons, tall men are more attractive, more selfconfident and they are very often associated to senior positions with many responsabilities at work. Mario Bertulli lets all short men, or these who are dreaming to be taller than their companion; to grow up in an instant without noticing it by people from outside. What’s the secret? A unique system of wedge heel integrated to your elevator shoes. Anatomically contoured and profiled shape respects the plantar arch and offers unparalleled comfort.

    Whatever your needs, we are promising you to become taller instantly thanks to our range of elevator shoes letting you grow up to 10 centimeters! Thanks to these shoes, your approach is dynamic, more secure and you get a better back support with their whole interior that is comfortable and Italian designed.

    The passion was born 40 years ago, when Mario Bertulli made a choice to bring all his know-how and his experience in the service of elevator shoes. With his Italian and handmade design, he decided to accompany men wishing to gain some height. This traduction continues with top-of-the-line collections adapted to all situations in life. For three generations, Bertulli brand has continued to conquer Europe and providing with shoes the most important people of this world.

    Well-known and recognized actor in the field of luxury elevator shoes, Mario Bertulli is letting you to wear uxury height increasing shoes, anywhere in the world and for every opportunity that life offers. Order your pair of elevator shoes right now in our online shop.